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Srx300 cluster issue with DHCP server wrong IP assigned irb

Not sure what is wrong with my configuration I can't figure out why vlan.2(irb.2) on port ge-1/0/3.0 provide different IP range instead Anyone please can point the correct direction @srx-a> show chassis firmware node0: -- Part Type Version FPC O/S...

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RE: node1 goes from hold to secondary to disabled

Hello Baldwizard, Greetings! As per the description, I understand that the Secondary node is not online: Can you help us with the below outputs: > show chassis alarms no-forwarding > show chassis cluster status > show chassis cluster statistics >...

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Route Reflector Design concerns

Hello Everyone, I appologize for the long thread but I had to provide background info first. I know the general rule of thumb is for RR to drop the route if it sees a locally configured cluster ID part of the Cluster-List on the route. with that in mind, below is my scenario: (please note...

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Multiple RR Clusters

Hi, I am struggling to understand this question, can anybody help me? #reflector #Route #cluster #BGP

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SRX 240B Cluster Physical Interface to Vlan Sub-interface migration implications

Hello Experts, I am trying to change the configuration of an old SRX240B running on version JUNOS Software Release [12.1X46-D40.2]. Its is an active-standby cluster , where IP is currently assigned on reth interfaces mapped to physical interfaces. We want to move the ip configuration...

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