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Ipv6 interface connectivity issue

Hi all, I am currently doing the junos genius JNCIA certification track and have come across an issue i cannot solve. In the Routing Fundamentals lab step 2.1 it instructs to configure the ipv6 address: set ge-0/0/1 unit 0 family inet6 address fda1::1/126 set lo0/0 unit 0...

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FBF for IPv6

Hi I tried to configure FBF feature for ipv6 While added this term I got an error: set firewall filter PBRv6 term 1 from source-address fc00:16c0:2:4000::5/128 invalid ip address or hostname: fc00:16c0:2:4000::5/128 at 'fc00:16c0:2:4000::5/128' I know FBF is supported...

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scp over ipv6 doesnt work

I cannot get SCP filetransfers to work using ipv6: got a srx100 and srx240 and on both I have no problems getting tftp / sftp / ftp to work over ipv6, however when I try file copy /config/juniper.conf.gz scp://username@[3001::7]/public/previous/nodename.gz I get the following...

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LDP over IPv4/IPv6

Hello My backbone is dual stack over IPv4 & IPv6. And IPv4 is running on MPLS/LDP. Now I hope that IPv6 can run onMPLS/LDP. After refer to the document as follow. I still can't do it successfuly. Do I miss something to set up ?

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RE: MX480 - 16.3 - 6VPE IPv6 Routes Hidden

You are corect, there are no routes in inet.3 or inet6.3. Some of this configuration I used from a few websites showing IPv4. All the routes and traffic flow are correct and work (by accident, maybe) for v4 but the issue is v6 and some of that very well can be a misunderstanding. ...