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SRX HA Active Active

Hello, I am following this documentation to configure active/active SRX: US/release-independent/nce/topics/example/chassis-cluster-srx-active-active-configuring.html From what I understand the priority of node inside a redundancy group...

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SRX 4100 with HA

Dear Sir, I would like to use SRX 4100 with HA. May I know. I would like to know can i use 1G or 10 G DAC cable for HA links (control and fab ports) ? i might use 1 G sfp or 10 SFP + module ? if i use SFP module ,can i use multimode or single mode depend on SFP module type ? ...

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SRX240 cluster with LACP through a Cisco switch

Hi everyone! I would like to ask for some help. We are trying to put together 2 SRX240 firewalls in a cluster with a Cisco switch between them and with LACP between them on the reth interfaces. The control and the fabric link won't work through the switch only when we connect them...

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SRX 1500 HA over L2 question

Hi guys, I need to deploy 2 srx 1500 but HA over L2. I want to konw is control port tag enabled on srx 1500? Any command can check and modify? Thanks Seansc #srx1500 #controlport #HA #SRX

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Flow mode and packet mode combination for cluster

Hi, The customer has 3 ISP link(1 lease line (BGP), 1 MPLS and 1 P2P) and one internal VLAN. The customer is expecting flow base clustering for HA and packet mode configuration for ISP and VLAN. Can someone please guide my, how to achieve this requirement on SRX 340 gateway. ...