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Junos CoS Classification

I am reviewing the JNCIE-ENT self study bundle and am confused by some CoS configuration. The examples given guide the user through creating both dscp and ieee802.1p classifiers. Then they are instructed to apply the dscp classifiers to all L3 interfaces and apply the ieee802.1p classifiers to...

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RE: difference between EX4600

Hi HDawood, 1] Yes, the EX4600 is shipped from the factory with two power supplies . Each power supply is a hot-removable and hot-insertable field-replaceable unit (FRU) when the second power supply is installed and running. 2] If you are going to purchase another EX...

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Loop / flood in network after moving from EX to QFX

Hello, We have the following topology: CORE3 = EX4550-32T, 12.3R6.6 CORE3-New = QFX5100, 18.1R3-S7.1 CORE1 = EX4550-32F, 12.3R6.6 CORE3 config: set forwarding-options analyzer VOIP input ingress interface xe-1/0/24.0 set forwarding-options analyzer VOIP input ingress interface...

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Why DHCP relay packets dropped?

Hello guys! Please tell me who faced this problem below in log dhcp logfile on Juniper EX4600 , periodically there is such an error in the dhcp relay service: [ERROR] jdhcpd security packet handle: Interface >ae1.0< packet flags:201 And this packet drop > show dhcp...

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information needed about erp-default log file

Hello, I came accross this log file on our EX Series switches. these log files mainly show entries such as below: Aug 7 12:00:19.029972 erp-normal: erp handle ifl change: setting ifl ge-0/0/1.0 state UP -> DOWN Aug 7 12:24:25.744770 erp-normal: erp handle ifl change: setting ifl ge...