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Problem with DHCP

Good afternoon! I have Juniper SRX220H, recently started a problem like this: Inside the local network, passive ftp sessions suddenly ceased to take place, although all protocols are allowed in trust-to-untrust. The "show chassis routing-engine" command was showing excessive "User" utilization...

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Problem with DHCP

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Srx300 cluster issue with DHCP server wrong IP assigned irb

Not sure what is wrong with my configuration I can't figure out why vlan.2(irb.2) on port ge-1/0/3.0 provide different IP range instead Anyone please can point the correct direction @srx-a> show chassis firmware node0: -- Part Type Version FPC O/S...

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Slow throughput-dropped connections- ex4300 core-ex3400 access switches

Hello all…I wanted to pick some brains and see if anyone can shed some light on a network issue I am having. Topology is: (see attached pdf) 3 (double stacked) EX3400 access switches -- connected to a double stacked building core switch (4300) – connected to a stacked campus core (4600) ...


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RE: PXE options not delivered to DHCP clients when dhcp-relay configured with forward-only.

Hello mjsaarin, Greetings! Please go through the below document for DHCP Configuration for PXE Environment This above KB holds good for MX as-well. Preboot xEecution...

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Can SRX get its WAN IP address from dhcp on a irb. fam inet address dhcp ?

Short question. Can an SRX get its WAN IP address from dhcp on a irb.100 fam inet address dhcp ? Working just fine on ge-0/0/0 . What am I missing ? Right now im back to ge-0/0/0 for the SRX uplink. #show int ge-0/0/0 | display set set interfaces ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet dhcp #...