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  • Happy Friday everyone! I hope your Summer has been fun and relaxing. I hope you had a chance to recover, get some of your projects done, and spend some time with the family. Maybe you got a little travel in if you are into that. I know I ...

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  • Don't delay, upgrade from Junos releases 12.x, 14.x, 15.x, and 16.x! Effective February 15, 2024, Junos releases 14.x and 16.x cases will no longer be eligible for technical support. Effective August 31, 2024, Junos releases 12.x ...

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  • Hi Innovators, we have a very special event in store for you… ASK-ME-ANYTHING with a Junivator! Have any questions about PTX, Routing, and Optics ? Then this is your guy! John Dinh Senior Product Marketing Manager ...

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  • Hi Innovators! Today, I'm excited to introduce everyone to Ankur V , a Senior Network and Security Engineer at Ampcus. Ankur has contributed actively to the Innovators Circle for years. Here's a little more about this long-time IC member.: ...

  • Elevate Community & Juniper Customers: Here at Juniper, we recognize upgrading your SRX can be a challenging and delicate process. For this reason, we developed the SRX Upgrade Guide documentation to assist you. This guide has you covered from what ...

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    RE: Properly setup SkyATP with DNS Protection

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Do you have a Premium license? You can check your license type in the device listing on SkyATP portal.

  • Hi Deepak, You mean like this: from jnpr.junos import Device from pprint import pprint with Device(host='') as dev: sw_info_json = dev.rpc.get_software_information ({'format':'json'}) pprint(sw_info_json) Thanks, Adrian. ...


  • JNCIP-SEC Exam Overview Webcast

    Become a Professional on Juniper Security (JNCIP-SEC). Get registered for the upcoming free exam prep webcast and get the tips on how to best prepare for your cert exam from John Lusk.

    When: Sept 28, 2023 | 9:30 AM PST

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