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RE: MPLS Label Ranges

Hello, I found this link: Bellow the link content. I hope that's answer your question, or at least, part of it. ...

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dynamic vpn srx error 1435 in windows 7

Hi all, I'm having a problem, I'm doing dynamic configuration and it's running on Win 10, but strangely, on Win 7 it doesn't work (pulse secure error 1453 Windows 7) how do I fix it? Thanks, #vpn

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Routing Instance VPN Solution

Hi all, I have two VRF's (LAN virtual-router and WAN virtual-router) at two sites on two Juniper SRX firewalls, is it possible to do the following: - I want to form IKE phase 1 via the WAN-VRF on the WAN facing interface using: set security ike gateway gateway-1...

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SRX300/SRX240 can't establish site-to-site VPN, show security ike security-associations empty

Hi All, I am running into an issue I just cant wrap my head around at the moment. At home I have a SRX300 running JUNOS 18.2R3-S2.9 which sits behind the ISP FTTH router, ports 500, 4500 and ESP are forwarded to the SRX. I am trying to setup a VPN to the lab...

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Certificates based IPSEC VPN tunnel not coming up

Hi guys, I've been strugling a few days with an issue with a new certificate based VPN tunnel I need to set up but I can't get it work. On my side the gateway is a Juniper SRX300 standalone while on the peer's side the device is a Cisco ASA (don't know model or software version). I...