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RE: Help about Python script for fxp0 ip recovery.

Hi simonev, Greetings, To answer your first part, how to fetch the fxp IP you could use something like below : from jnpr.junos import Device from lxml import etree with Device ( host = '' , use filter = True ) as dev : sax input = '<interface...

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Trying to convert a slax script to pyhton

I found the login.slax in a github repository, trying to convert to python but having a hard time finding the user to logout. Trying to conver the slax: if ($response == "no") ( var $rpc = <command> "request system logout user " $user; var $noresponse = jcs:invoke($rpc); ...

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PyEz Inline Table View not returning any data from VirtualBox JunOS image

Hi, I'm using VirtualBox on Windows 10 and am running the following image: Juniper JunOS Olive12.1R1.9 Virtualbox image.ova. I'm also using Python 3.6.3 with PyEz installed through pip. I have two scripts one for getting box health (CPU, memory, temprature etc.) and the other for getting...

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Getting paramiko SSH authentication error while trying to StartShell in PyEZ when connected to device via a console server, works fine through the management IP network

I am attempting to run some scripts on an NFX250 through a serial connection. I need to use the StartShell module (which internally uses paramiko) as I want to make changes to some files from the shell which cannot be directly accessed by the CLI. from jnpr.junos import Device ...

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[PyEz] Properly format get_config

Hello, I am in the process of writing a Python script that uses PyEz to run some troubleshooting commands for our support team. The goal is to allow a teir 1 support person to do the basic troubleshooting with the need to have direct access to a switch or router. In this current...

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