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Expert Advice: Junos PyEZ and Python Automation Scripts

By Erdem posted 03-20-2017 08:44


Python is now the preferred language for programming devices running Junos OS. Junos PyEZ provides the framework that enables users to remotely manage and automate devices running Junos OS. Python is now fully supported on devices running Junos OS  including a rich set of Python modules. Python can be used for developing applications on Junos OS. Operation, event, commit and SNMP scripts can also now be written in Python.


Junos PyEZ
A Python library eases interaction with traditional NETCONF operations available on Junos OS. Junos PyEZ eases Python script development by providing an easy Python API to interface with the router. For configuration changes, this mechanism provides fully validated, atomic commit operations for persistent configuration that changes infrequently. (Programmers who use other languages can continue to access this functionality through NETCONF.) Please utilize the links below to get started with Junos PyEZ:



Python Automation Scripts
Traditional event, operation, commit and SNMP scripts are enhanced to support Python. This eases application development and provides a lower barrier-to-entry for script writers. It also provides the same flexibility as traditional Python to add richer information input to the scripts. For more information about how to use Python automation scripts, click below:




SLAX to Python Cheat Sheet.pdf