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Turn off the Juniper when you finish Nobreak battery

Guys, I need help, I'm a layman. I have an installed network of the SRX300, but I already had many problems with the lack of energy. To help you install a no-break even then a 20-minute battery life. I would like to know how to make a script to turn off the juniper. On windows I created a...

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Auto Shutdown of Ports (EX2200/2300) whenever HUB is connected.

Hello, i need to find out a way to auto block/shutdown a switch port if some one attaches a Hub or Physical layer switch to EX2200/EX2300 switch. Actually in our branch offices, staff has a practice of connecting more PC's connecting Hub in the switch port, which creates problems by...

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Logs for shutdown or reboot

Hello eveybody, I just want to configure logs on SRX320 to get the "shutdown" or " reboot" message, please help me out the necessary config commands. Also what file size should be enough to keep logs for about one month. #Shutdown #logs #SRX