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  • 1.  Logs for shutdown or reboot

    Posted 04-10-2018 11:44

    Hello eveybody,

    I just want to configure logs on SRX320 to get the "shutdown" or " reboot" message, please help me out the necessary config commands. Also what file size should be enough to keep logs for about one month.  


  • 2.  RE: Logs for shutdown or reboot

    Posted 04-14-2018 08:17

    shutdown or reboot will clear and restart all local logging so you will need to get these from a syslog centralized system if you want to save them for reference.


  • 3.  RE: Logs for shutdown or reboot
    Best Answer

    Posted 04-16-2018 03:38

    Thanks dear for your valuable reply. But i am getting logs of previous dates too locally saved.  Now i have created saperate files for USER traffic logs and also Turned-OFF NTP. USER, and Interactive-commands " messages" files.  This will keep the files from growing too large and ultimately over-riding the previous logs of interest. 

    And will try to find out process  SYSTEM_ABNORMAL_SHUTDOWN.


    archive size 100k files 3;
    user * {
    any emergency;
    file messages {
    any info;
    authorization info;
    ntp none;
    user none;
    interactive-commands none;
    archive size 640k files 10;
    file interactive-commands {
    interactive-commands error;
    file TRAFFIC-LOG {
    user info;
    archive size 320k files 5;



    Please suggest a betterway if possible to keep the logging more accurate.