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L2Circuit Connection support on vMX 19.1

I wonder does vMX 19.1 which is used in Juniper vLABs support L2VPN(L2circuit connection)? Thank you for your help and support #vmx #JUNOS

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Interface Statistics Graph on Cacti (SNMP) No Update.

Hi, I am using juniper vMX 17.2R13. I want to monitor that vMX with Cacti (running on Ubuntu 18.04 with PHP 7.2). I am running a minimal configuration for SNMP: [edit snmp] description "Juniper vMX 17.2"; location "DC1, Kebumen, Indonesia"; contact ""; community...

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vMX in VMware vCloud high CPU eventd

I am running vMX in a VMware vCloud environment and I am running into a very high CPU issue with eventd running at over 45%. In addition, I am seeing the following log messages over 1000 times a second. I disabled the SYSLOG file messages but the high CPU remains. I have restarted fpc0 to no...

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vMX - Enabling mpls for routing-instance interface

Hi all, I am trying to enable mpls protocol on vMX (Junos: 14.1R1.10) for an interface, which belongs to a routing-instance (BACKEND). However I am not able to find "mpls" keyword under the protocols for the routing-instance. Please see below: root@bbr1# set routing-instances...

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RE: vMX can't connect fpc,slot 0 Absent

Trying to restart an old thread before starting a new one... Did you find a solution to this? I have the same issue with a vMX running 17.4R3-S2. The FPC shows as present but absent. I can ping between the two VMs and I have tried to increase the RAM to 8G (doc say 2G is enough for...

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Group VPN between vMX as a member and a cisco router as a Group Controller

Hello, I am trying to set up a Group VPN between a cisco GC/KS and 3 vMX router (14.1R1.10) and another cisco router as a member. I've managed to get the Group VPN working between the two cisco router, but I have dificulties configuring the vMX routers an maybe someone here can...