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If Syslog not sent

Hello Community! I am seeking for a solution to create an alert if there was no syslog message received by NMS for a specified period of time. I gave up trying to set that up in NMS's we are using, so I wondering if there's a way to implement that on JunOS side. Implied logic ...

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How to filter certain trap OIDs using SNMP v2?

I'm working with an MX480 and curious if it's possible to filter out certain SNMP trap OIDs while using SNMP v2. I found a Juniper article that gives details on how to configure this for SNMP v3, but I'm lost when trying to set up this up for v2 - US...

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Event Trap for SSH and Web fail attempt

We need configure the switch (EX2200) to send SNMP traps for the following error conditions: - a user authentication failure - a user authentication failure retries exceed. We configured the switch with a event-options policy but the user authentication failure message is sending only when we...