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Strange log messages in EX2300

Hello! I have brand new EX2300-48. After basic configuration I've notice a strange lines in message logs: fpc0 PFESVCS: Input IFL not found dc-pfe: PFESVCS: Input IFL not found They appear in log constantly with interval 10-30 seconds. Model: ex2300-48t Junos: 15.1X53-D55.5 ...

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SRX240 cluster with LACP through a Cisco switch

Hi everyone! I would like to ask for some help. We are trying to put together 2 SRX240 firewalls in a cluster with a Cisco switch between them and with LACP between them on the reth interfaces. The control and the fabric link won't work through the switch only when we connect them...

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What is the advantage of using VSTP compared to RSTP and in which situations to use VSTP

Hi all, What is the advantage of using VSTP compared to RSTP and in which situations would I use VSTP? Thank you Victor #ex4200 #EX #SpanningTree #stp #switch #Spanning

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RE: Difference between family bridge and ethernet-switching

Evt, thank you for the quick response. I have made some test with different confiuration and observed the following: 1.It is acutally the other way round. When a port is configured in "bridge" mode, it forces the SRX device to work as a transparent switch and you can not configure any ports with...

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Policy-based routing on the EX 2200?

I want to make a routing decision on an EX 2200 based on the source address of the packet. Given 2 VLANs that should be configured for inter-VLAN routing; given 2 separate upstream connections to different ISPs (one for each VLAN); I want the routing logic to go like this: If the destination...