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Srx300 cluster issue with DHCP server wrong IP assigned irb

Not sure what is wrong with my configuration I can't figure out why vlan.2(irb.2) on port ge-1/0/3.0 provide different IP range instead Anyone please can point the correct direction @srx-a> show chassis firmware node0: -- Part Type Version FPC O/S...

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SRX300 totally configured but not internet connection

Hello, I currently have a cluster of two SRX300 configured in HA but I cannot connect to the internet I see HITS in the firewall rule and NAT rule but I don't have internet access. I PING and resolve names correctly connected through the console port on either of the two nodes...

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SRX300/SRX240 can't establish site-to-site VPN, show security ike security-associations empty

Hi All, I am running into an issue I just cant wrap my head around at the moment. At home I have a SRX300 running JUNOS 18.2R3-S2.9 which sits behind the ISP FTTH router, ports 500, 4500 and ESP are forwarded to the SRX. I am trying to setup a VPN to the lab we have at...

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Hi There, I am trying to access J-Web on my SRX, unfortunately when I try to https browse to it (I have tried Chrome and IE) I am unable to connect. For instance on Chrome I get the error ERR TUNNEL CONNECTION FAILED. If I try to http to the device I get "Could Not Connect, Description:...

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How to Load Balance 1 Static IP to 3 Local IP Server

Somebody please help me on this. I'm using SRX300 with one Wan connection. I want to do load balance for one praticular static IP incoming request distributing within 3 servers. Example: I'm receiving incoming request for Static IP to port 8080 and I want do load...