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What's the purpose of P2MP on LDP ?

Hi, I got confused on the function of "P2MP". What's it's real purpose ? Regarding to my backbone, I don't see any information what is relevant about P2MP. My network just need LDP Label with RSVP backup-LSP. Or something need it to share routes. Like BGP L3 VPN or...


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Shall I need to enable "auto-targeted-session" on protocol ldp ?

Hi, I've enabled LDP/MPLS/RSVP on our backbone. The LSP is working by LDP with RSVP(BypassLSP). Just like this route: *[LDP/9] 5d 16:19:47, metric 1 > to via ae0.0 to via ae8.1, label-switched-path ae0.0:BypassLSP->192...


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Passing LDP labels between Routing-instance and Inet.3

Hi 1- I have a vMX router(JMX1). on this router I have a routing-instance type virtual-router(Routing-instance MPLS) which has one interface inside of it. 2- There is another router which is connected to this interface.(JMX2) 3- Also there is another Interface which is not in this...

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LDP Commands

Hi All, during my studies about LDP as Signaling Protocol i found the below: set routing-instances MPLS-VPLS-VLAN20 protocols vpls neighbor set protocols ldp session authentication-key "abcdef" The first one should be " Specify each of the...

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LDP over IPv4/IPv6

Hello My backbone is dual stack over IPv4 & IPv6. And IPv4 is running on MPLS/LDP. Now I hope that IPv6 can run onMPLS/LDP. After refer to the document as follow. I still can't do it successfuly. Do I miss something to set up ?