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SRX logs are not showing locally in the monitoring

Hello, I'm not able to see logs in my J-web even though I configured event mode and a file, I'm seeing the image I attached it the J-Web and below is my configuration root@SRX-1# show security log ( mode event; ) root# show system syslog archive size 100k...

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Hi There, I am trying to access J-Web on my SRX, unfortunately when I try to https browse to it (I have tried Chrome and IE) I am unable to connect. For instance on Chrome I get the error ERR TUNNEL CONNECTION FAILED. If I try to http to the device I get "Could Not Connect, Description:...

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How to skip the Junos Initial setup wizard

Hello, Every time i access the srx via its IP in the browser i get the setup wizard. I only want to access to check the logs. How can I skip the wizard? I tried this: root@SRX# delete system autoinstallation delete-upon-commit but it didn't work. thanks in...

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SSL Certificate(s) for J-Web Access

I would like to rid myself of the pesky browser warnings about insecure HTTPS access to J-Web on my SRX devices. How can this be achieved with the minimum amount of administrative effort? It is not a problem if there is some cost involved in obtaining the certificates from an appropriate...

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Can I uninstall J-Web packages?

Question Can I uninstall J-Web packages? Answer You can uninstall an Application package by using the CLI command. After the Application package is uninstalled, the Platform package features will still be available for use. We recommended that you do not uninstall the Platform...

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Can I install Application package versions on top of Junos OS Releases?

Question Can I install Application package versions on top of Junos OS Releases? Answer You cannot install Application package version 14.1X54-A1 on top of Junos OS Release 14.1X53-D10. Releases 14.1X53 and 14.1X54 are two distinct major releases of Junos OS. You can install Application...