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Srx300 cluster issue with DHCP server wrong IP assigned irb

Not sure what is wrong with my configuration I can't figure out why vlan.2(irb.2) on port ge-1/0/3.0 provide different IP range instead Anyone please can point the correct direction @srx-a> show chassis firmware node0: -- Part Type Version FPC O/S...

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IRB and VRRP on QFX10ks MC-LAG

Hi Everyone, Im working on a set of QFX 10008s running VRRP over IRB interfaces to provide a gateway for the connected Vlans. We have an issue where some random traffic is getting dropped. While troubleshooting with ATAC. We noticed that both nodes seem to respond to arp for the virtual mac...

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Can SRX get its WAN IP address from dhcp on a irb. fam inet address dhcp ?

Short question. Can an SRX get its WAN IP address from dhcp on a irb.100 fam inet address dhcp ? Working just fine on ge-0/0/0 . What am I missing ? Right now im back to ge-0/0/0 for the SRX uplink. #show int ge-0/0/0 | display set set interfaces ge-0/0/0 unit 0 family inet dhcp #...

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Switch Won't Learn MAC Addresses

Hello I have a problem, which I believe, is a configuration problem between an existing datacenter to a QFX acts as a vlan gateway Here is the topology. followed by the problem I have Two sites, on each site there's a Leaf-Spine datacenter topology, both have an edge-leaf which...

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MPC7E Information

Hi There, I was trying to find deep information about an MPC model that we just purchased: the MPC7E-MR-RTU-IRB. Based on the name I reach this: MR -> Multi Rate RTU -> right-to-use (RTU) IRB -> IR Base IR license should support: All Layer 2, Layer 2.5, and...