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EX4200 DSCP remarking

Dear all, I followed the following guide to configure DSCP remarking on EX4200. I want to make all traffic going-out interface ge-0/1/1.0 to be DSCP remarked as AF31. However, it doesn't work. I use port mirror to monitor the out-going traffic. I cannot see DSCP was remarked. ...

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configure QoS for a port with specific Access List match

I am looking to configure my QFX5100 32Q switch with a QoS for a specific ACL match. 1) I would like to specifiy a ACL rule (with match field based on 5-tuple) 2) For the traffic that matches the 5-tuple I would like to define QoS metric with action such as: DSCP marking and Rate-limiting...

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RE: CoS BA-Classifier sequence

np, Andre! I remember reading something like this during the JNCIP studies.. DSCP will be prioritized over .1p. Cheers, ankit #Priority #DSCP #.1ip #BA #.1p #COS

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RE: Rewrite ip precedense

firewall ( family inet ( filter BE ( term 1 ( from ( dscp [ cs5 ef ]; ) then ( loss-priority medium-low; forwarding-class f1; accept; ...