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Ask questions and share experiences with Mist APs, Marvis, and all things wireless and Wi-Fi.

If you have a question or a use case, there are likely others experiencing or who worked through the same thing. Don't hesitate to jump in and ask or share your knowledge!

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  • OK OK thanks, congratulations for the clear explanation: I'm not looking for anything in particular, it was just out of curiosity. however it is true in the Wi-Fi world there are a lot of technical terms/variables that no one can imagine and which in ...

  • Hello Everybody; I have a problem while integrated an AP to network. I want to give ip address to AP vlan 340. So far ı choose ip address box DHCP and vlan id 340. And in ethernet properties tab ı add vlan id list to 340. This is access ports and ...

  • To clarify a few points in this thread: My first comment is that every single thing that is done in Mist, is done via an API, it is 100% API native and rock solid. Mist uses a variety of ways to gather analytics and data that is sent to the Mist cloud. ...

  • SNMP might work - there has aparently been an update since I worked with this. So might be worth looking into - the API isnt too stable at least based on our experience. ------------------------------ MADS LAHRMANN ------------------------------

  • Ok thanks for the information that SNMP is not supported: but with the mist api I see some additional information that is not seen in Wi-Fi Assurance i.e. in the "Juniper Mist" management system? Greetings ------------------------------ ZAMBON PASCAL ...

  • Is there a way to subscribe for notifications on any new product updates when they are available in the below link? Product Updates Archives - Mist ------------------------------ SARAVANAN RAMANATHAN ------------------------------

  • You can configure snmp monitoring for the app's in the mist portal. https://www.mist.com/documentation/snmp-support/ ------------------------------ Marcel ten Berg http://www.juniper.net ------------------------------


  • Introducing Marvis Minis

    Marvis Minis is the only AI-Native Networking digital experience twin, stimulating traffic on your network to provide new levels of real-time visibility and performance. 

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