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  • Greetings Juniper Community! This is the first post in an eight-part series of community posts sharing tips and information on one of the hidden benefits of Juniper Care Services, Juniper Support Insights (JSI). JSI extends support automation & lifecycle ...

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  • Don't delay, upgrade from Junos releases 12.x, 14.x, 15.x, and 16.x! Effective February 15, 2024, Junos releases 14.x and 16.x cases will no longer be eligible for technical support. Effective August 31, 2024, Junos releases 12.x ...

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  • This problem occurs when the power loss boot/reboot corrupts the running primary disk partition and boot is not longer possible. As a result the device boots from the backup disk partition. The backup partition must be kept in sync with the primary ...

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  • also i add : root@rie-gp-police-r02> show system boot-messages no-forwarding platform_early_bootinit: MX-PPC Series Early Boot Initialization mxppc_set_re_type: hw.board.type is ACX-2200 WDOG initialized Copyright (c) 1996-2018, ...

  • Does Juniper not care about bugs in their software? This problem still persists. Also, I've confirmed that the aforementioned problem is not limited to the Edge browser as I've been able to reproduce the problem with Google Chrome. ------------------------------ ...

  • just do you think alternative solution / or other solution that allows getting the MAC address under AE subinterfaces instead PPPoE on the subinterface for MX240 LNS ------------------------------ Dhikra Marghli --------------------- ...

  • Hello i wait a reply regards ------------------------------ Dhikra Marghli ------------------------------


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