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  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Thank you so much, this worked for me. I was running EVPN over MPLS, with one of the CE's being multihomed to 2 PE's (the PE's had to have a LAG with the 2 connections to the same CE switch ...

  • Hello everyone, I'm currently facing a puzzling connectivity problem in my lab setup, which is aimed at simulating an Evolved Campus Core environment. While I've successfully established connectivity between the core switches, I'm experiencing difficulties ...

  • That procedure works to me for a trial only Evaluation: https://supportportal.juniper.net/s/article/vMX-is-not-accepting-the-correct-license-keys-release-19-4R2?language=en_US ------------------------------ MARCOS TRONOLONI MARCOS --------------- ...

  • Just checking - you really have a VMX instance that is 10 yrs old? JUNOS supports both AS-2 and AS-4 - when presented with a 2byte AS, it maps to prefix the leading 2 bytes with 0s when dealing with a peer that does AS-2. What are you seeing? ------------------------------ ...

  • Hi everyone. I am trying to set up a lab between two BGP speakers , such that one only support AS ( 2 bytes) and while the other can support AS-4 bytes format. Unfortunately, both of my vMX supports AS-4 bytes format. Is there any command that ...

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    RE: vMX/vQFX

    I took the easier option and simply deleted the device and recreated it in eve-ng and all is good again. ------------------------------ Clive Gwyther ------------------------------

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    Hi, As I cannot find a vQFX discussion board, I will post my question here: I have a strange issue with vQFX where in the eve-ng gui, the connections available are listed as xe-0/0/0 and 1 and 2 etc. However, when the PFE and RE have been restarted, ...

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