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    FBF questions

    I have the following topology What I need is when the traffic sourcing from 172.16.2.X, the next hop is, otherwise, the next hop is via the default route, set firewall family inet filter NAT-PBR term 1 from source-prefix-list net- ...

  • Hi, Apologies for the late response. I am not using an ESXi, I am using a vMX. I have configured up an LNS and wanted to fully test end-to-end with a CPE and a LAC (L2TP Concentrator). I can do this with Cisco but I wanted to create a test CPE and ...

  • I have installed properly for several times vQFX, and only the vQFX RE is starting but not the PFE. When I click on "start" for PFE, it is showing the notification in the right top corner that is starting it "vQFX-PFE: started" but the PFEis stays gray ...

  • Hi, Are u sure that MS-MPC work in ESXi? Thanks

  • Hi, I am trying to confirm an end-to-end test in eve-ng of L2TP including the LAC and the CPE. I have managed this with real equipment a couple of years ago using MX 240s and a couple of Cisco devices to replicate the CPE and LAC. But with eve-ng I ...

  • Hi, I have MX with configuration dynamic profiles. I recive policer value from Radius: @MX204-No2> show subscribers extensive: User Name: pppoetest2 ... Dynamic configuration: junos-input-filter: 200M junos-output-filter: ...

  • Hi everyone, Juniper MX series books says by default Delay buffer size is 100msec for 1 Gbps port. Let say we have ge-0/0/0 port with 100 logical unit ranges from unit 1 -100 with family inet. Is Delay buffer size of 100msec shared by all logical ...

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