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  • Here it is... VRFUSED.inet.0: 15650 destinations, 28753 routes (15649 active, 1 holddown, 0 hidden) (2 entries, 1 announced) TSI: KRT in-kernel -> {indirect(1048604)} Page 0 idx 0, (group vRR type External) Type 1 val 0x12709b48 ...

  • I know you've said the routes are the same, but can you show them? What is the "Inactive reason" in "show route detail" ? Is it definitely the same peer-as for both neighbors, and they both have multipath enabled on them?

  • Hello, I configured multipath in a lab and it worked just fine. I tried to translate that to the my production network but it's not working. The only difference I have between the lab and the prod is that in prod the routes are received in a vrf through ...

  • I am following along with the below instruction video for setting up a Juniper lab in Eve-ng. https://youtu.be/O_VzgXn2_MA YouTube Building a Juniper EVE-NG Lab Environment for Daily Usage Part 2: Overview of ...

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    Hi guys. Recently i learning about BNG (myself interesting) and i don't can get found the problem. Customer CPE don't get connect. Looking em captured packets, i can see the message in PADS "no resources". I try everithing than found about it. Thanks ...

  • Hello, This also happens for our VQFX which are on ver 20+. ------------------------------ WILLIAM ROULLIER ------------------------------

  • Hi, Please use version 20 ++. Thanks

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