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Ask questions and share experiences about ACX Series, CTP Series, MX Series, PTX Series, SSR Series, JRR Series, and all things routing, including portfolios and protocols.

If you have a question or a use case, likely there are others who are experiencing or worked through the same thing. Don't hesitate to jump in and ask or share your knowledge! Post here or in the vMX community. 

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  • Hi, I did the change but still not working set firewall family inet filter PBF-Filter term 1 from source-address set firewall family inet filter PBF-Filter term 1 from destination-address set firewall family inet filter ...

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    Interprovider Layer 3 VPN Option A

    This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Juniper Example: Configuring ...

  • I believe you need to add the protection revert timer to the configuration as outlined here. ------------------------------ ...

  • Hello, I'm using a template for dynamic-tunnel (here is the template): label-switched-path lsp-template-ad-frr { template; adaptive; fast-reroute; } And here is the use of that template under routing-options: dynamic-tunnels ...

  • In the below firewall filter, swap the source and the destination address. Also apply the firewall filter on the interface ge-0/0/1 rather than ge-0/0/0 set firewall family inet filter PBF-Filter term 2 from source-address set firewall ...

  • Hi, I put a lab for the test I want the traffic to take the greed colort >Config root@vSRX> show configuration | display set set version 21.3R1.9 set system host-name vSRX set system root-authentication encrypted-password "$6$zJw2kymY$ghxn/3jlZGMFY6xCGcSQmMUeVZ9oyKh3Kddlod.TyTS3uufl9sa10TAT67a8YlNhp7cum2.1k.B9UDSC11FJQ1" ...

  • Thank you for the fast response, I appreciate it so much. ------------------------------ Jorge Quinones ------------------------------


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