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Ask questions and share experiences about ACX Series, CTP Series, MX Series, PTX Series, SSR Series, JRR Series, and all things routing, including portfolios and protocols.

If you have a question or a use case, likely there are others who are experiencing or worked through the same thing. Don't hesitate to jump in and ask or share your knowledge! Post here or in the vMX community. 

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  • Hi Gary, When you follow the anycast IP NH your packets will follow the LSP terminated on the ASBR, where that anycast IP address is being assigned to. Then, the top-of-stack (transport) label will go away and the ASBR will try to interpret the next ...

  • Hi Berislav, Thanks for the reply. My interest behind trying this method is two-fold, Security -> Say you don't want to exchange BGP-LU loopbacks due to security reasons since it exposes the internal network routers. I've thought about using ...

  • Hi Gary, As far as I know, Inter-AS VPN Option C is used for one sole reason - to allow creation of Inter-AS MPLS services, both L2 and L3 in a fully transparent way - i.e. using the full mesh of E2E transport LSPs to carry service-related traffic. ...

  • Hi all, I just see on download portal section juniper just out the vJunos-Router. Anyone here has success play it with EVE-NG/PNETLAB? I'm try spin up but it hung. Thanks

  • You just wasted 2 seconds, you should have read my response first. In fact it is the same link I stumbled upon before I posted my last response . T he link you provided shows the same thing I mentioned: we can use policy to achieve that. But there is ...

  • 1) you're making a confusion between «preference» (170 for BGP routes) which is the cisco «administrative distance» for the protocol ; and the local-pref (default: 100) which is a kind of metric for routes in iBGP (not eBGP). 2) about the knot «local-preference ...

  • 2 seconds search using Google... ------------------------------ Olivier Benghozi ------------------------------


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