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  • It's been a long time since I setup Palo Alto failover, but I'm pretty sure that in active/passive you only have peers running on the active device and the peering also fails over when the switch occurs. I would think your best option with the BGP would ...

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    RE: NAT and NG-MVPN

    Hello the Community, No one has had this use case to deal with ? Regards, Alexis

  • Thanks for your help. The only log entry was the one showing the disconnection: Apr 4 13:57:42 MX-01 rpd[2327]: bgp_ifachange_group:10534: NOTIFICATION sent to (External AS 6461): code 6 (Cease) subcode 9 (Hard Reset) [code 6 (Cease) ...

  • Hi, Can you share the BGP configuration and show route 0/0 output? Also, do you have the output of show log messages from that time? Regards ------------------------------ Sheetanshu Shekhar ------------------------------

  • I guess i need four individual BGP sessions on all four links for this failover to work. ------------------------------ SIVA PRABHALA VENKATA ------------------------------

  • Note: EX's are connected to Distribution switch for rest of the subnets in that site, and DST have all irb's terminated. DST will get default from both cores but with current setup, only Path is from DST -> Core-1 and Palo-1 and we are trying to get ...

  • Where do you see duplicate packet? ------------------------------ - Aaron ------------------------------


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