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Ask questions and share experiences about ACX Series, CTP Series, MX Series, PTX Series, SSR Series, JRR Series, and all things routing, including portfolios and protocols.

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    OSPF Multi-area Adjacency

    Hi, I started learny JNCIS-SP certification. Has I remember, last time I did my time I did my CCNP, an interface can't belong more than one interface, it can be a feature added after 2016 maybe but doesn't matters. I seen now, it somethings been standardized ...

  • Cisco has this command: router ospf 1 log-adjacency-changes detail Is there a Junos equivalent? I've added all these traps under additional CLI in Mist but don't see anything for logging adjacency changes. set system services ssh root-login ...

  • This looks like the edge switches and the core switches are separated with a link connecting them. My edge switch and core switches are in a virtual chassis. so would this work as well or a completely different config. Thanks ------------------------------ ...

  • I can take the Edge switches out of virtual chassis which is fine but the core switches are a little more difficult to do. ------------------------------ DAVID LENARDSON ------------------------------

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous Hello all, Hope your day is going well. Query: On Cisco device you can use the configuration "encapsulation default" on subinterface. The behaviour is that that subinterface/flow ...

  • Hi Farid, We can use the keyword exact here----> route-filter exact. This would match the prefix Regards ------------------------------ Sheetanshu Shekhar ------------------------------

  • Hi Mohammad Ali, The selected protocol should be direct in place of OSPF, in the screenshot that has been shared. The policy configured on the Mist portal will show up in the device config only when it is applied as an export/import policy in a ...


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