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JUNOS Hashtags

Imagine that you can tag configuration elements in JUNOS with arbitrary strings and selectively display parts of the configuration based on a tag value. Much like you use hashtags in social media networks. The hashtag can represent a customer, a service, a temporary feature, or just about...

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FAQ: Learning About JET Part 1--Python on Junos OS

Which version of Python is supported on Junos OS? Python 2.7.8. From which Junos OS version is Python automation supported? Junos OS Release 16.1R1 for MX Series and PTX Series devices Junos OS Release 16.2R2 for QFX Series devices What configuration needs to be...

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Script to reboot SRX at 95% CPU and above

Can somebody guide me how to write a script to issue a "request system reboot" at specific time, lets say 2 AM when CPU is constantly spiking and staying at 95% and above for more than 24 hours. I tried creating event-options and policy based on that but there is no event for high...

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commit script question

Hi I have an IP fabric based on qfx5100 with VXLAN/EVPN. I wish to make a commit script so that my users simply need to add a vlan name and ID and then commit. the script will create all the EVPN/VXLAN related config parts. all vlans configured on the box will support vxlan. ...

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which programming/scripting language is recommended to learn

hi, i am intersted in learning code, but that should be inline with network programming. hope junos is based on unix bsd, so does it mean that junos is develped using bash. or should i go with c / c++ as unix is made of c. Also what is this slax all about, why aren't we talking about...

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Scripting How-To: Commit Op scripts in private mode

Overview This topic describes how to commit Op scripts in private mode. Example Configuration This example shows how you commit an Op script in a private configuration session. var $connection = jcs:open(); var $edit-private = <open-configuration> ( <private>; ) ...

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Can I create a custom trap?

Question Can I create a custom trap? Answer Yes, you can use the jnxEventTrap event script to create customized traps as needed. In the following example, a Junos OS operations (op) script is triggered when a UI COMMIT NOT CONFIRMED event is received. The Junos OS op script example...