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  • Tip of the week! Want to send messages to others in your community? Here’s how to use the Juniper Elevate Message functionality: Think of your messages/inbox as your notifications. It is the place where you can see all the activity related directly ...

  • Morning, This was caused by the new on-box logging feature in 17.4R1. I'd probably recommend using that feature (SQL-based) instead of plaintext storage, but that's of course up to you. Hope that helps,

  • Hi Leandro, We're in the process of adding granular WhatsApp support as micro-applications in a coming signature pack. Once these are available, you will be able to block file-transfers within WhatsApp while leaving voice/video/chat alone. Stay tuned, ...

  • Hi Leandro, Steve has noted a few ways to identify large flows while they are occurring. Just in case you're looking for historical data, the SRX are capable of recording this as well via two means: 1) On-Device logging 2) Streaming Security syslogs ...

  • I've not used jweb myself, but there is this visual management tool you can turn on and get some reporting from that may help. On ...

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