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Remote user authentication on JUNOS

  • 1.  Remote user authentication on JUNOS

    Posted 04-08-2024 19:20

    Hi everyone,

    When you configure local user templates and a user logs in, Junos OS issues a request to the authentication server to authenticate the user's login name. If the user is authenticated, the server returns the local username to Junos OS ( local-user-name for TACACS+, and Juniper-Local-User-Name for RADIUS ). Junos OS then determines whether a local username is specified for that login name, and if so, Junos OS assigns the user to that local user template. If a local user template does not exist for the authenticated user, the router or switch defaults to the remote template, if configured.
    What happens if we have following misconfiguration cases:

    CASE 1:
     We do not configure Local user template and remote template , and RADIUS /TACACS server return local-user X attribute ( meaning X group local template is expected on the JUNOS so Privilege can be determined based on the X template) but none is configured on the MX. What will MX do next?

    We do not configure Local user template and remote template , and RADIUS /TACACS server does not return any Local-user attribute.
    What will MX do in this case?


    Be kind!!