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srx340 : problem with peer bgp

  • 1.  srx340 : problem with peer bgp

    Posted 16 days ago


    i have srx340 , have a problem with neigbor bgp 

    show bgp neighbor 
    Peer: AS 65426    Local: AS 65011
      Group: eBGP-VPN-Internet     Routing-Instance: VPN-Internet
      Forwarding routing-instance: VPN-Internet  
      Type: External    State: Active         Flags: <>***************************************************
      Last State: Idle          Last Event: Start
      Last Error: Cease********************************************************************************************
      Export: [ EXPORT-eBGP-VPN-Internet ] Import: [ IMPORT-eBGP-VPN-Internet ]
      Options: <Preference AddressFamily PeerAS Refresh>
      Options: <BfdEnabled>
      Options: <GracefulShutdownRcv>
      Address families configured: inet-unicast
      Holdtime: 90 Preference: 170
      Graceful Shutdown Receiver local-preference: 0
      Number of flaps: 2
      Last flap event: Stop
      Error: 'Cease' Sent: 2 Recv: 0

    what is problem exact and  what is other command show can help expert to check more with me ?

    i wait a reply from expert security and newtork

    best regards

    Dhikra Marghli