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  • Perfect! That's exactly what I needed to hear, thanks!

  • Hi, Please use the "request system storage cleanup" and try again. Is this working for you now? ------------------------------ Juan Ospina ------------------------------

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    RE: Remote Port Mirroring

    Hi Luke, As long as you have enough bandwidth available on the trunks you can use the same interface. If you see that this might affect production, or don't want it to cross the production network then you might want to have separate links for this traffic. ...

  • Hi, I need to capture traffic for a device on Switch-A. Currently, Switch-A connects to Switch-B, which connects to Switch-C. My monitoring server is connected to Switch-C. The links between these switches are trunk links (aggregated in some cases), ...

  • For anyone learning Junos, I have a video to help with authentication. It looks at local username and passwords, as well as external authentication like RADIUS and TACACS. Hope this helps someone!

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