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RE: SRX - Split Tunnel - Using Juniper Secure Connect 

12-03-2021 15:22
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12-08-2021 14:44

The traffic selector was the problem. I neded to add two traddic selector rules, one for the network aone one for the network, both w a remote ip of so the users could access both internal letworks and the internet.  Thank you!

12-08-2021 12:24

One way I can think of is to use the traffic-selector configuration. Say you want the users to access in your network, then you put this in the local source list. Then users can go to or any other places (as long as not  directly from their devices. You can have multiple traffic-selectors to cover more local resources.  Haven't tried it in the lab, though.  Check out  the user devices "route print" to see where the traffic goes.

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