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  • I've been working with Junos for about 8 months and we've got to setup an iKev2 routed VPN to a 3rd party firewall. Can someone post their configuration for such a thing and I'll make mine off of that?

  • The sip connection requires opening return ports automatically for the reverse direction of flow which Junos refers to as ALG - application layer gateways. You apply these to the policy for the phone policy instead of the "any" rule and the SRX knows ...

  • You going to need to provide more information than that. Are you sure the traffic is hitting your policy? You can try enabling logging for the policy and see if traffic is hitting the Policy. Couple things you can do. 1. Verify your policy is for the ...

  • Thanks Ankur. Several users need access from different locations so it would be very difficult to know their IP addresses in advance and configure them as source in the policy.

  • Did you make sure that you are using a network phone rather than a plug and use? Some phones are for use on the network with sip and other protocols. Others are for use on devices such as a cable modem with the phone jack ports directly on the modem. ...


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