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  • You may want to generate your own Public/Private Key pair, this might be better accepted by browsers as you can customize the encryption algorithm and the size of the encryption key etc with a CN of your choice. Instructions are found here: ...

  • Gavin, Thanks for the info on that. I was unaware that there was a vulnerability and that it affected J-Web. I'll be certain to get it installed ASAP, hopefully it will help with my J-Web issue. I've tried both Firefox and Chrome. Both give the usual ...

  • Hello i want protect my https site behind my SRX , but my site cert contain this files : 1- site cert 2- site key 3 - intermediate cert 4- root cert i config #run request security pki local-certificate load certificate-id SITE-CERT-23 filename ...

  • I'll wait for a web expert to jump in here, but have you tried the built in junos:ATLASSIAN , interestingly they have junos:JIRA, but not specifically confluence. ------------------------------ GAVIN WHITE ------------------------------

  • Got a new SRX-4100 to replace our old 1400. Did all the configuration by CLI as it allowed a, more-or-less, direct copy/paste from the 1400. With web management enabled I get this when trying to load the site. This is in Firefox on Rocky 8 as Chrome fails ...

  • Hi! Experts Do you have experience for this? We don't find a pre-defined App-ID for confluence, so we need a custome defined App-ID to do this. From the captured packets, there is a key named " X-Confluence-Request-Time " in Confluence server ...

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