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  • Hi Cason, We will need a little more information on what you have tried and some configuration examples to validate it. You may be running into a similar hurdle as this article... ...

  • Hello, The timeout could be occurring because the SRX is failing to identify the peer. So we can try two things here, configure the dynamic hostname, remote-identity and local identity together. set security ike gateway casa-fw01 dynamic hostname ...

  • I don't want to pay a fortune to use my own custom list. Since I generate that list from my IPban software and do not see why I would pay for a service that I am providing. can anyone tell me how o use my custom IP list from my severs. With my SRX345 ...

  • Thanks for your aswers. @spuluka I have seen the sites. but there is no mention of a timeout. @Brijil ​Since the draytek has an dynamic ip the "dynamic" part is needed (otherwise i need an fixed ip in the config) i tried it with remote-identity ...

  • This message was posted by a user wishing to remain anonymous The Juniper ATP cloud solution is designed force this type of application. I recommend looking into this.

  • Hello everyone, I am trying to install a new SRX into a customer site and whilst I can get the majority of services working I am unable to get any RAVPN's set up. The customer sites Internet connection is a pppoe connection so it has a username and ...

  • Hello, Instead of configuring "hostname casa-fw01.fnetonline.local" on SRX device configure below: set security ike gateway casa-fw01 remote-identity casa-fw01.fnetonline.local set security ike gateway casa-fw01 local-identity <SRX public IP > As draytek ...


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