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Preferred way to stack EX 3400 switches

This may be a newbie type question, but we are moving from EX 3300s to 3400s for our access switches in one of our buildings, and I was wondering about the prefferd way to stack (VC) these. The 3400s come with 2 40GbE QSFP+ ports in the back in addition to the 4 SFP+ ports up front.... so I was...

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NTP 4.2.0 Autokey Stack Buffer Overflow Vulnerability

Hi all, Scan results showed a vulnerability (cve-2009-1252) in the ntpd 4.2.0 in all juniper equipenemtns we have which is resolved in other versions like 4.2.5,. this vulnerability can cause DoS when the autokey and openssl are enabled. after checking the kB section, I found that junos is...

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Cross-Stack Etherchannel on EX switches?

Is is posible to do something similar to Cisco Cross-Stack Etherchannel on pair of EX4200 switches as core and couple of EX2200 access switches? If so, can someone provide me link for detailed documentation. #etherchannel #Core #stack