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SRX345 lockdown aleatory

Hi to all, I have a customer who has an SRX345 box. Sometimes the device get frezzed an becomes inaccesible via icmp, web, etc... The device doesn't answer to any traffic via any interface and the customer becomes incomunicated. The only way to recover the device is reboot it. This...

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Guys, how are you? My SRX300 bugged total. It was in operation and crashed and never came back. Already tried to restore the operating system Junos but without success. It has the AMBAR LED and does not charge. Could you help me? I connected it via usb cable (console) through the COM8...

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Split tunnelling in remote access vpn.

Hi to all, I have configured a remote access VPN with NCP client on a SRX345. It's working fine, from the remote client I can access the internal network through VPN access, but all the traffic is being encrypted ... Is there any way to make a tunnel divided ? I mean, Internet...