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reordering security policy's in different configuration groups

Hi i have two two security policies currently configured under the same from and to zones, for example trust-zone and untrust-zone. one of the policies is attached to a group for example "3rdparty" the other has no group attached to it when i try to use the "insert before" option when im editing the config under the group "3rdparty" it does not show the policy not within the group and vice versa US/junos/topics/topic-map/security-reordering-policies.html my question: is there an option for re ordering policys in different groups or a policy not in a group for that matter

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JUNOSCRIPT: Checking which RE the script is run on before outputing warnings

Focus Search - When the Junos system boots it has to commit the configuration in order to activate and load the proper settings into its daemons