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E320 Power Supply replacement

i need a documentation on how to replace E320 power supply, can anyone help me please !! #supply #power #E320 #replacement

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RE: difference between EX4600

Each power supply is a hot-removable and hot-insertable field-replaceable unit (FRU) when the second power supply is installed and running. 2] If you are going to purchase another EX 4600 to setup Virtual Chassis, that too will be shipped with 2 Power Supplies. I believe you can purchase another power supply a spare , also note that if you have a valid support contract then you could get a replacement for the failed power supply. For more details wrt EX 4600 Power Supply , refer : US/release-independent/junos/topics/topic-map/ex4600-power-system.html Hope this helps

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difference between EX4600

Focus Search - in other words if i'm going to use it with another EX4600 in a VC shall I purchase another power supply to avoid failure in the power source ?