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I passed the JNCIA Junos exam and I am looking to study JNCIS-SP Course. I need advices for how should I study for the exam and where can I find the study materials? #JUNOS #jncis #sp

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JNCIS-SEC - Understanding Anti-Spam Match Order

Hi, I am preparing for the JNCIS-SEC Exam, and I am discovering the UTM features provided by JunOS. After some searchs on Google, I was not able to find an answer to the following usecase : The SRX is using the local whitelist and blacklist only (no-sbl-default-server...

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How to find Documentary for JNCIS-SP?

Hi, recently I started the Fast Track certification program. After I passed the JNCIA-Junos I want to do the certification for JNCIS-SP. Apparently you changed the website and I can’t find the documentation for the following topics: Junos Intermediate Routing (JIR) Junos...

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JNCIS-SP study guide part 3

Hi I'm preparing for the JNCIS-SP and I was surprised by the diversity and the depth of the topics covered in the study guide part 3 compared to the anounced exam objective!! Here is the list of the mpls skills needed to pass the exam (As per the detailed exam objective) ...

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Hi, I already have SRX210 and I am preparing for my JNCIS. QUESTIONS 1. Do I need to buy EX2200-C for JNCIS if I already have SRX210 2. What features in EX2200-C that didn't available in SRX210 and vice versa I understand SRX is FW+Router which have VPN feature that didn...