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Fabric Monitoring

Is it safe to enable chassis cluster fabric monitoring on production firewalls with no impact to service? #fabricmonitoring

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SRX240 cluster with LACP through a Cisco switch

Hi everyone! I would like to ask for some help. We are trying to put together 2 SRX240 firewalls in a cluster with a Cisco switch between them and with LACP between them on the reth interfaces. The control and the fabric link won't work through the switch only when we connect them...

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Virtual Chassis Fabric Best Practices Guide Now Available

The Virtual Chassis Fabric Best Practices Guide provides network architects and designers with best practice guidelines for designing, deploying, and configuring a Juniper Networks Virtual Chassis Fabric (VCF). This best practices guide also provides a high-level overview of certain VCF...

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FAQ: Junos Space Fabric

Junos Space is a comprehensive network management solution that simplifies and automates management of Juniper Networks switching, routing, and security devices. Junos Space Network Management Platform works with Junos Space applications to deliver comprehensive management of Juniper devices. ...