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    RE: ISSU support on VC

    Hi Zee, Both platforms support ISSU. Try to avoid more than three main release steps. ISSU was not very stable before 18.4. ------------------------------ Kalle Andersson ------------------------------

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    ISSU support on VC

    Hi guys, I am trying to find if ISSU is supported on EX4600 VC, and QFX5100 VC. Much appreciated!! ------------------------------ zee ------------------------------

  • Hi Yaser, 1- To my understanding, the current CN2 version (Release 22.4) doesn't support the latest version of OpenStack (although it is clearly mentioned that OpenStack is supported in CN2 datasheet), if this is the case, what is the latest supported ...

  • Dear Vivek, Thank you for your reply. I am coming from SP networking world, so please excuse my limited knowledge of this topic. I didn't fully understand your answer, so please let me list my questions about it in bullet points: 1- To my understanding, ...

  • Hi Yaser, Thank you for your query. We have a strategy to decouple the software and hardware. It's unwise for users to tie the fate of their OpenStack choice to the underlay fabric overall. Having said that, when CN2 supports the new versions of ...

  • as I know there is no vptx 10003, there is only vPTX10008,but vPTX is not published, you could Juniper SE, RE, they might be able to share it with you

  • Dear Juniper Experts, Pradeep H Krishnamurthy explained in his great post how to integrate CN2 with Apstra to manage fabrics for Kubernetes environments. My question is, we know that Apstra doesn't integrate with OpenStack natively, can we use ...


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