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  • Hi guys, Today I just enable IPv6 in LDP but IPv6 neighbor can't be established When I deactivate re-protection firewall filter it's works well. So I really think it's a problem with firewall filter but I checked everything is correct. I was struggling ...

  • thanks so much !!

  • Two sub interface, One for the fabric, one for WAN. The VXLAN fabric should be so isolated it can, does not need any connection to the other routing-instance. There are number of different ways to connect inter DCs. Following configuration example gives ...

  • So you have two links to the core router, one for inet.0, the other for the routing-instance. The traffic routing to each other is via the core. right ? thanks so much !!

  • The Junos release you using, should be stable for VXLAN. From the routing-instance with BGP as the dynamic routing protocol to the core router. With this setup is very easy to separate different traffic types. Example, you can have one instance for internet, ...

  • Junos: 21.2R2-S1.5 flex How does your vxlan L3 communicate to the networks outside vxlan ? Our qfx5110 does not serve spine and leaf, just serves DCI. It needs to host both normal vlan and vxlan. thanks !!

  • I have a very small VXLAN fabric in production, with two QFX5100 as leaf and two QFX5110 as spine (also acting as L3 GWs). The L3 functionality works as it should at spine level. What firmware version do you use? ------------------------------ Kalle ...


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