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JPR-960 vs JPR-961

Hi, so far I know about duration of JPR-961 that is 6 hours but I cant find the main difference between the two lab exams. I have been preparing for JPR-960 and was wondering if there is any difference in Exam Objectives and recommended training compared to JPR-961? any additional topics...

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JNCIE-SP/VPNs/Layer 3 VPNs/6PE US/junos/topics/topic-map/l3-vpns-ipv6-traffic.html#id-example-tunneling-layer-3-vpn-ipv6-islands-over-an-ipv4-core-using-ibgp-and-independent My vMX version: 17.4R1.16 Greetings, I have configured the example above exactly as given,...

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Applying QoS rewrite rules defaults scheduler map

There is a "jncie-cos" scheduler map applied to all interfaces (ge-*). After applying rewrite rules to some interface, scheduler map on this interface shown as "<default>". After deleting the rewrite rules scheduler map changes back to "jncie-cos". Please advise if it is a bug or a feature...

225867CA-AB69-4A61-813A-EEC62FB54CB3-1-QoS lab.txt

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JNCIE-SP Lab Location in India

Hi, I had passed jncip-sp recently and looking forward for jncie-sp. checked at the juniper website, for lab locations in india, but couldnt find any. are there plans for setting up labs in india in near future, or is there any alternate way for pursuing jncie-sp in india. #India #lab...

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I do not see this particular topic listed in the online blueprint for either exam. Can anyone familier with the course comment on whether this is a fair game topic for either the JNCIP-SP or the JNCIE-SP? Thanks in advance, NIc #JNCIP-SP #JNCIE-SP #MPLSDiffServ-TE