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MX204 Fusion Provider Edge

Hello, I'm running a MX204 with 18.1R2, upon enabling Fusion to bring online a EX4300 satellite I get the following errors repeated every minute in the log files; sdpd[57611]: %DAEMON-4: SD-PFEMAN: PFE-SD-LNK-MGR(Master) clean up, old state Established kernel: %KERN-4...

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PAM rejecting logon with expired after TACACS+ (Cisco ACS) records a successful logon to EX4300 device.

We have EX4300s and all the devices reject my TACACS+ logon even though TACACS+ (Cisco ACS) reports a successful logon to the Juniper device. PAM records an expired account error message. There is no local account on the switch with the same name. Any user who tries gets the exact same error...

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EX4300 XSTP : Interface error after Junos upgrade

Hi, Recently we have upgrade Junos on EX4300 virtual chassis. After upgrade we saw below error. speed 100m; ## ## Warning: statement ignored: unsupported platform (ex4300-48p) ## link-mode full-duplex; unit 0 ( family inet ( address; I tried to delete --> link...

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RE: Old Optics in New Switches, Any Benefit to Replace Them?

Hi, First offtopic - depending on intended use EX3400 may or may not be most suitable replacement for EX4200. EX4300 is direct replacement for EX4200. If needed check here:

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Configuration Assistance - QFX10008 to EX4300 using JNP-QSFP-DAC-5M

Hi all, I'm trying to connect a QFX10008 to an EX4300 switch using a Passive DAC as uplink port and not as vcp. I already found out that the default behavior for a 4x40G pic in the EX4300 is configured as VCP I removed the VCP ports and configured et port, and show interfaces shows the...