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Juniper Lab Choices

Juniper offers several virtualized “hands-on” labs services that are designed to allow our partners, customers and other interested 3rd parties to learn about Juniper’s product and solution functionality. These lab services are aimed at external audiences who may wish to explore a new product or solution, a specific technology or functionality with or across products, or who are looking to test new configurations or incremental features on top of systems that they already have deployed.

All of the lab services are powered by the Juniper Cloud Labs (JCL) Platform to provide consistency in the user experience and how services may be consumed or leveraged between services. Authorized users looking for the standard JCL demonstration and sandbox functionality can access that service by clicking here.

Juniper vLabs: This service provides a variety of preset topologies in routing, switching, and security to give you a chance to try out Juniper technologies. vLabs access is free to the public. It is generally accessible from Juniper’s technical documentation in order to augment the learning process with “hands-on” capabilities.

Cloud Customer Certification Lab (Cloud CCL): A billable Testing as a Service (TaaS) offering that provides access to a virtualized test environment where you can replicate and validate your organization’s designs, topologies, protocols, or network services prior to deployment in order to minimize the risk of network failures or downtime.

OpenLab: OpenLab’s Network and Skills Transformation Programs, whether Learning Series sessions or the various ThrowdownTM Programs will utilize hands-on lab exercises designed to help audiences fully grasp the power of the Juniper solutions. The Throwdowns represent solution development programs targeted at network automation and programmability.

NRE Labs: NRE Labs is an open source educational project focused on making network automation and the emerging discipline of network reliability engineering (NRE) accessible for everyone. Through short, simple exercises, all right here in your browser, you can learn the tools, skills, and processes that will put you on the path to becoming a Network Reliability Engineer.