Product APIs and Third-Party

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Juniper Product API 

Junos OS supports a wide range of open-source automation frameworks, including Puppet, Chef, Ansible, and Salt. This allows the seamless integration of Junos OS-powered network devices with network systems management infrastructure. Junos OS also supports PyEZ, a micro framework for Python developed by Juniper, which enables remote automated device management.

The Junos OS REST API is a Representational State Transfer (REST) interface that enables you to securely connect to Junos OS devices, execute remote procedure calls, use a REST API Explorer graphical user interface enabling you to conveniently experiment with any of the REST APIs, and use a variety of formatting and display options including JavaScript Object Notation (JSON).

JET provides APIs that extend the functionality of Junos OS. These APIs fall into three main categories: the notification API, base type APIs, and service APIs.

The API contains a set of tools known as endpoints for building software and applications that communicate with the Mist cloud.

With Apstra’s REST API explorer, you can browse and search for specific AOS REST API endpoints relevant to both the platform and reference designs.


Use this guide to develop Python scripts that remotely automate and manage devices running Junos OS using the Juniper Networks Junos PyEZ Python library.

Jsnapy enables you to capture and audit runtime environment snapshots of your networked devices running Junos OS.

Juniper Third-Party Integrations

Open networking switching gives customers an independent choice of switch OS and applications eliminating lock-in, causing a transformation in data center networking and fostering innovation, bringing similar changes as experienced in the server market.

Start here to evaluate, install, or use Ansible for Junos® OS. Use Ansible for Junos OS to accelerate the deployment and more easily manage and configure devices running Junos OS in your network.

Start here to evaluate, install, or use the Juniper Networks® Puppet for Junos® OS, which you can use to manage large configurations of Juniper devices.


Start here to evaluate, install, or use Juniper Networks® Chef for Junos® OS. Use Chef for Junos OS to automate the provisioning and management of compute, networking, and storage resources.


Start here to evaluate, install, or use Salt for Junos® OS. Salt, or the SaltStack Platform, is a Python-based, open-source remote execution and configuration management tool. Salt enables you to define the state of a system and enforce that state on managed nodes.