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  • 1.  wtmp not being generated

    Posted 11-01-2016 20:15

    I noticed on SRX1500 and SRX5400 that /var/log/wtmp isn't being created thus show log user gives

    last: /var/log/wtmp: No such file or directory

    Using Junos: 15.1X49-D50.3.



    Anyone else?


  • 2.  RE: wtmp not being generated
    Best Answer

    Posted 11-06-2016 22:15

    Hello ,


    It seems file /var/log/wtmp is missing. Please follow up below procedure.


    1. check if there is /var/log/wtmp.

    root@% ls -la /var/log/wtmp


    2. If no such file, we will create it.

    root@% touch /var/log/wtmp

    root@% chmod 664 /var/log/wtmp

    root@% chown root /var/log/wtmp


    3. check it again.

    root@% ls -la /var/log/wtmp .