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  • 1.  vmwaretools update

    Posted 07-06-2021 07:49
    I have a question for you about updating vmware tools for vSRX3.0 I have the message "A newer version of VMware Tools is available for this virtual machine. Upgrading VMware Tools may provide improved features and better stability."
    Did you manage to update vmwaretool for esxi 6.5, 6.7?
    ooks like i don't have permission to update, are there any ways to do this?

    thanks for the help

    Mateusz Wielocha

  • 2.  RE: vmwaretools update

    Posted 07-26-2022 08:25
    you have to download vmware tool from put it into datastore/usb/dvd then login as administrator/root to the host, , it will ask to mount location of vmwaretool as source, you should proceed from there


  • 3.  RE: vmwaretools update

    Posted 07-27-2022 09:45

    did you manage to complete this update process? 
    I think it's hardeinged

    Mateusz Wielocha