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  • 1.  USB port on SRX300

    Posted 11-09-2022 08:36
    I would like to know about useage of the USB on an srx300 or for any srx model for that matter.
    I want to plug in a usb approved pc case fan to that port. anyone got results on this?

    its for obvious reasons. the srx300 heat has got to be trouble. worries me.

    i dont care what model you talk about, srx210, srx240, srx320, srx 345, etc.

    can anyone tell me if that will even work?

    long term??

    Adrian Aguinaga
    B.S.C.M. I.T.T. Tech
    (Construction Management)
    A.A.S. I.T.T. Tech
    (Drafting & Design)

  • 2.  RE: USB port on SRX300

    Posted 11-10-2022 11:40
    SRX300 Chassis | Juniper Networks

    Jamie Graham