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  • 1.  SSG ADSL Question

    Posted 07-12-2008 23:51

    Dear All,

    can i have 2 ADSL connection working on one SSG Box!! can i do it with VSYS!!


  • 2.  RE: SSG ADSL Question

    Posted 07-14-2008 05:12

    Hi Arzo,



    Yes you can, you ll next have the choiseto do :

    - Failover beetween the 2 provider or

    - Loadbalancing to share your internet traffic beetween the 2 ISP







  • 3.  RE: SSG ADSL Question

    Posted 07-14-2008 07:22

    thank you so much for your answer, can you please provide me with any additional information i may need, i'm going to the site tomorrow to finish the configuration, the customer told me that he was unable to connect them togather, only one worked at a time !! both will work.. but not togather, can you please help me in this issue..



  • 4.  RE: SSG ADSL Question
    Best Answer

    Posted 07-14-2008 15:54

     Hi Arzo,


    To do Load Balancing beetween the both provider us the following example :





    It explains how to activate ECMP on the device.


    You will next have to create to route

    - to the first gateway

    - to the second gateway 




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  • 5.  RE: SSG ADSL Question

    Posted 07-15-2008 11:29

    Incidentally, SSG does not support VSYS. Did you mean virtual routers? Just trying to be clear here.



  • 6.  RE: SSG ADSL Question

    Posted 07-15-2008 22:58
    no actually i meant virtual systems, but thank you for the information richard, the case is solved and the site is working perfect now. thank you all.